How to Create a Website – a Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Hello peeps. I made this site as a guide for those who want to learn how to create a website. So if you’re an absolute beginner, do not panic. With this site, you will learn the things you need to to get started, learn how to make a website that you can manage yourself with little to no technical skills and find out what software you need to make your website just like this site.

You see, I use a readymade website script to easily setup this website myself. It’s a free software tool that enables you to install a prebuilt website or blog or a combination of both. To be quite honest, the process will only take you less than an hour. I know this because I timed myself.

But before you can install it there are two things you must already have: a web host and a domain name. Your hosting will make your website accessible via the internet and your domain name will allow your visitors to find you when they search your domain.

Once the script is installed, you will have access to your site’s admin panel where you can configure your settings according to your needs. The default design (theme) looks great for a start. Should you choose to change your theme, there are a lot of free ready made designs available that you can download within the admin panel. This will then get you focused in writing your website contents straight away.

3 Simple Steps to Set Up your First Website

This lightwieght guide contains only 3 steps in order to create your own website. Let me discuss these one by one.

Website Creation Made Easy

If you’re an absolute beginner, creating websites for the first time can be a steep learning curve. Without any guidelines, you can easily get lost during the process. You may end up with a website that doesn’t quite cut it or worse you may decide to completely abandon your project halfway through it. The result – wasted time, effort and money!

The above 3 steps gives you an overview on what is needed in setting up a website quickly. There are other things that you need to consider when you own a site. I highly suggest that you read my guide in building a website from scratch. It gives you a more in-depth overview in website creation.